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The Top 3 Ed Sheeran Best Songs

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has, recently end up being the songwriting dynamo on the pop music scene. His songs are heartfelt, touching, and delivered with a uniqueness seldom experienced in the pop music market. His Lyrics are both scathingly harsh, and smooth as silk, sometimes delivering both with the utmost of ease.

Ed Sheeran writes from the world around him, giving the listener a genuine understanding of his world, not a world that a record producer, from touch with real people wants you to hear.

As music is really a very subjective selection of content creation, I welcome comments or suggestions, but when again please remember, this really is only My estimation and many certainly not a definitive run-down, or greatest hits list.

So, without further ado, the top 3 Ed Sheeran best songs, when i view it;

1. Small Bump.

As a Parent, this song just provides me with chills. Behind a great beat, a touching melody and ambient keyboards in the background colored with perfectly sung harmony, The storyline he tells is touching and eventually tragic. Ed wrote the song for any close friend after her experience with a miscarriage. I still can't understand why this song only managed to get in to the top 30 around the UK charts. A brilliant, bittersweet real-life song that I can only assume was written with love. Genius.

2. The A-Team

Ed's best song, and the first Ed Sheeran song I heard. It had been written after he played a gig at a homeless shelter. Ed has stated he was so shocked through the stories he had heard, he felt compelled to inform the plight of a lot of, that so few choose to pay attention to. Painted over an upbeat, even gentle tempo the lyrical content is dark, almost terrifying. I have known this song to possess been used during wedding ceremonies because the bride is walking down the aisle. Not even the best option.

However with an uber catchy melody, flawless guitar work and his incredible delivery. It is impossible to leave this song from my list.

3. Lego House

Finally, my last choice of my Best three Ed Sheeran Best Songs. Lego House is everything that Ed Sheeran is, an acoustic crossover, taking Rap/Hip Hop, and Pop songwriting, mixing it all up in a melting pot of awesome. The film clip for this song is gold, using Rupert Grint, (Ron from Harry Potter) as his stalker. A great song, by having an excellent video.

There it is, my Top 3 Ed Sheeran Best Songs.

This young singer/songwriter has played shows prolifically, playing more than 311 Shows this year alone. A hard working musician together with his talent for lyrics, standout melodies as well as an emotionally charged live concert will invariably possess a fan base, and can also have my admiration.

Ed Sheeran

Post by castleonthehill (2017-01-08 11:48)

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